Menomonee Judo Players bring home 25 medals from tournaments in Milwaukee and Vernon Hills!

Over an 8-day period late last month / early this month, players from Menomonee Judo competed in two tournaments. The first one was the Wahadachi Judo Tournament in Milwaukee, WI on Sunday, January 26th and then the following Sunday, February 2nd in Vernon Hills, IL at the Cohen's Novice Tournament. In total 25 of our players participated. That group took home a remarkable 25 medals, including 11 gold! Everyone fought extremely hard and exhibited quality Judo and exemplary sportsmanship. Our young, inexperienced players far exceeded my high expectations with they'd efforts. It's shows that the club has great depth right now and a very bright future. A special mention goes to Bradley and Alex Bzdusek, Alexi Schuler and Eliza Matyas (and their parents), who competed and medaled at both events.

Below are the complete Menomonee Judo results from both tournaments.

2020 Wahadachi Judo Tournament

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Milwaukee, WI

Menomonee Judo Players:

1. Sammy Steinlauf - Gold Medal

2. Jackson Steinlauf Bronze Medal & Bronze Medal

3. Alexi Schuler - Bronze Medal

4. Taisuke Uto - Gold Medal

5. Bradley Bzdusek - Silver Medal

6. Alex Bzdusek - Bronze Medal

7. Eliza Matyas - Silver Medal

8. Callum Kuehn - Gold Medal & Silver Medal

9. Manuel Rosemont - Gold Medal

10. Gabe Wrubel

11. Nico Royse

Gold Medals: 4

Silver Medals: 3

Bronze Medals: 4

Total Medals: 11

Cohen's Novice Tournament

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Vernon Hills, IL

Menomonee Judo Players:

1. Emiliana Eleazar - Bronze

2. Guiliana Eleazar - Silver

3. Shima Uto - Gold

4. Eliza Matyas - Gold

5. Calla Berkowitz - Gold

6. Laine Berkowitz - Gold

7. Alex Bzdusek - Silver

8. Talin Karia - Bronze

9. Yuki Sakuraba - Silver

10. Jack Ben Yosef - Gold

11. Jack Burtnett - Gold

12. Bradley Bzdusek - Gold

13. Ray Sakuraba - Bronze

14. Alexi Schuler - Silver

Gold Medals: 7

Silver Medals: 4

Bronze Medals: 3

Total Medals: 14


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