Menomonee Judo Heads to Denmark to Compete at the Matsumae Cup

  • Later this week, 8 members of the Menomonee Judo Club will be departing for Vejle, Denmark, where they will be competing this weekend, at the renowned, Matsumae Cup. The tournament brings together many of Europe’s top players. Our group will also participate in a two day training camp at the conclusion of the Matsumae Cup.

  • This is our second trip to Europe as a club in less than a year and a half. Back in late October, 2017, Menomonee Judo sent 7 players to Lommel, Belgium to compete at the Flanders Judo Cup. It was a very successful trip, both on and off of the mat, culminating with Natalija Stanojevic earning a Gold Medal in the 13/14 year old, +64kg division.

  • These trips / tournaments are just as much about the friendships, camaraderie and lasting memories, as they are about winning medals. It’s an honor to travel together, as a team. I couldn’t ask for a better group of young people to be able to work with.

Here is our official roster for the Matsumae Cup (including divisions):

1. Ruben Martin, Sr, 81kg

2. Michael Mutz, IJF Jr and Sr, 90kg

3. Natalija Stanojevic, Cadet +70kg and IJF 78kg

4. Max Antoniou, Cadet and IJF Jr, 66kg

5. Manuel Rosenkranz, Cadet and IJF Jr, 66kg

6. Gabe Wrubel, Cadet and IJF Jr, 73kg

7. Adam Eckardt, Cadet and IJF Jr, 60kg

8. Lorenzo Lopes, IJF Jr, 81kg

I will be sending email updates throughout the week.

Go Menomonee Judo!


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