2018 Irwin Cohen Memorial Judo Tournament

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

A group of our players competed at the Irwin Cohen Memorial Judo Tournament in Franklin Park, IL.

  • In the twenty plus years that they’ve been running the event (formerly called the Midwestern Championships), this edition featured as strong of a field of players as I can remember. Nearly every top dojo in the United States and Canada was represented, some with very large contingents. The divisions were deep and talented (many divisions had between 11-16 players). It’s clearly one of the five to ten best tournaments held in the United States annually.

  • After competing hard all day long, our group of 22 players finished in third place overall out of 50 clubs. It was a remarkably consistent performance as Menomonee Judo finished in 4th place in Junior points as well as 4th place in Senior points, leading to our overall 3rd place finish. We took home a total of 18 medals.

  • While we weren’t perfect and certainly have room for improvement in all aspects of our Judo, I couldn’t be more proud of the effort, sportsmanship and support that our group of players, parents and coaches showed. Everyone who participated at the tournament played a role in our success, whether they left Franklin Park with a trophy or not.

  • Congratulations to everyone involved!

  • Below are the results for our players, as well as the Junior Points, Senior Points, overall team results and photos from the tournament.

2018 Irwin Cohen Memorial, Franklin Park, IL - Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Menomonee Judo Results:

1. Max Antoniou: 1st place & 2nd place

2. Greyson Goodwin: 1st place & 2nd place

3. Jackson Steinlauf: 1st place

4. Sammy Steinlauf: 1st place

5. Adam Eckardt: 2nd place & 3rd place

6. Gabe Wrubel: 2nd place

7. Alice Mihas: 2nd place

8. Rob Anderson: 2nd place

9. Felix Foldenauer: 2nd place

10. Danny Goodwin: 2nd place

11. Jessica Bishop Royse: 2nd place

12. Mikey Mutz: 3rd place

13. Callum Kuehn: 3rd place

14. Joe DeFrino: 3rd place

15. Manny Rosenkranz: 3rd place

16. Bradley Bzdusek: 1-2

17. Ron Hawthorne

18. Liana Mutia

19. Elwyn Geisert

20. Vaughn Miller

21. Taisuke Uto

22. Nico Royse


Gold - 4

Silver - 9

Bronze - 5

Total - 18


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