2018 Dallas Invitational & National President’s Cup

Menomonee Judo puts a bow on a Record Breaking 2018 by taking home 13 medals in Texas

  • Menomonee Judo put a bow on what’s been a tremendous 2018, by taking home 13 medals from the Dallas Invitational and National President’s Cup two weeks ago in Irving, Texas. That haul brings the total number of national and international medals won by Menomonee Judo players in 2018 to a whopping 47!! It’s been the best year yet at the club and we fully expect Menomonee Judo to reach even greater heights in 2019.

  • While we love celebrating our athletes’ successes in tournaments around the world, we never lose sight of the fact that our true mission and our lasting legacy, is all of the great work that Menomonee Judo members do in communities all throughout the city and in many cases, well beyond the city limits. Our programs for people with various disabilities (including participants with physical, visual and intellectual disabilities), as well as our programs for Military Veterans, are the largest of any Judo club in the United States.

  • Although Judo is an individual sport, it’s truly a team effort at Menomonee Judo. We’re blessed to not only have a fantastic group of athletes, but wonderfully supportive Judo parents and a talented and dedicated staff. When you put it all together, it’s no wonder that the club has risen to national prominence over the years.

Congratulations to all of our athletes who competed at these two major, national tournaments. You exemplified sportsmanship and class throughout the weekend. Way to represent the dojo!

Below are the complete results from the tournaments in Texas:

2018 Dallas Invitational, Saturday, November 17th, Irving, Texas

Menomonee Judo Results:

1. Mikey Mutz: Gold Medal

2. Mackenzie Williams: Silver Medal

3. Natalija Stanojevic: Bronze Medal

4. Max Antoniou: Bronze Medal

5. Callum Kuehn: Bronze Medal

6. Joe DeFrino: 4th place

7. Adam Eckardt: 5th place

2018 USA Judo National President’s Cup, Sunday, November 18th, Irving, Texas

Menomonee Judo Results:

1. Natalija Stanojevic: Gold Medal, Gold Medal and Silver Medal

2. Mackenzie Williams: Gold Medal

3. Callum Kuehn: Gold Medal

4. Max Antoniou: Silver Medal

5. Mikey Mutz: Silver Medal and 5th place

6. Joe DeFrino: Bronze Medal

7. Adam Eckardt: 4th

Medal Totals:

Gold - 5

Silver - 4

Bronze - 4

Overall - 13


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